Experience how easy it can be to achieve flawless face and eye makeup with The First Edition, a collection of eleven brushes created by makeup artist Wayne Goss. Each brush has been carefully designed with our unique shapes giving you the power to perfect any technique with any product—from liquid to powder and everything in between.

"As a makeup artist, I’ve worked with clients of all skin types. I designed The First Edition so that anyone—even those with problem skin—can create a perfect canvas of makeup. These brushes make it so easy to use, that you are guaranteed amazing results”

- Wayne Goss

Unbelievably Soft

Luxuriously soft, natural bristles—now in pure, undyed white—glide over the skin without disturbing makeup underneath.

Versatile Shapes

Master any makeup technique with new and improved brush shapes, redesigned for use with powder, cream, or liquid products.

Handmade in Japan

Each brush is crafted by over 20 artisans from start to finish in Kumano, Japan, the brush-making capital of the world.


You’ve not experienced blusher application until you’ve tried this. Tapered angle blends the blush on contact with the skin. Leaving behind no trace of tell-tale lines. Liquid cream or powders are no match for this brush. Experience the magic for yourself.

Tapered. Rounded. Edgeless. Contour. Highlight. Blusher. Bronzer. Powder. Small enough to get the job done. Big enough to leave an impression. This brush also works amazing for blending foundation into flawlessness.

The ultimate powder, bronzer, blusher brush! Ideal for blending edges. This brush does it all. The perfect thickness to get the job done quickly, yet precise to perfectly blend.

Foundation blending perfected. Linear. Buffs foundation into a powerless flawless base. Never before has foundation looked so airbrushed. Liquids, creams or powders – it works. Also amazing for those wanting angled contours. You won’t believe this until you’ve tried it.

The pigment king! Long and delicate. With this brush the most pigment products are picked up delicately and placed lightly onto the skin. Perfect for highlighting. It’s a best kept secret for those in the know.

Edgeless blending that's the promise. Handcrafted by artisans in Kumano, Japan, the E1 is thick, soft and ready to buff out even the hardest edges allowing you to pick up this brush and never fear your eyeshadow isn’t perfected. Also perfect for blending pressed and loose powders into the skin for that airbrushed effect.

The smaller point! As with brush E3, this does it all but with a smaller application which allows you to define and blend all at the same time. Those with smaller hooded eye will appreciate the size. Allowing for complete control.

The point! Define your crease, change your eyeshade. The tapered point on the E3 does it all; defining and blending all at the same time. This makes it perfect for those with hooded eyes and those who need a brush to do all the work for them. And try it for concealer and watch how effortless it becomes.

The E4 laydown brush is the ultimate multitasker: fill in the lid, contour the outside, place concealer, apply highlight, contour the nose. Handcrafted by artisans in Kumano, Japan, we use the finest natural hair to give you the softest possible brush. 

Instant eyeshadow brush. Close your eye. Back and forth into the lashes with E5 Brush . Open your eyes and your will have both upper and lower shadow done instantly. The perfect balance. The trick is in the density of the natural hair.  Also perfect for nose highlight and contour.

The eye opener! Black shadow. Push into lash line. Instantly thicker blacker lashes. Or use for brows. Hair by hair. Sharper than before. Zero bend. Precision exactly at the root.

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Good To Know

  • Each brush handcrafted by more than 20 artisans from start to finish in Kumano, a region known for its time-honoured brush making legacy

  • Natural hair bristles are left uncut for unparalleled softness

  • Bristles are carefully bundled into a matte black brass ferrule to prevent them from coming loose. This construction ensures smooth makeup application

  • Our handle is carved from hornbeam (or “shide” in Japanese), a hardwood known for its durability and sturdiness

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