The Poreless Beauty Puff

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About The Wayne Goss Poreless Beauty Puff

Meet Wayne’s secret weapon for poreless skin: The Poreless Beauty Puff. This double-sided applicator can be used to apply liquid and cream formulas as well as powders. Use the smooth side to glide foundation onto skin with a virtually seamless finish, or flip it over to apply powder without disturbing the makeup underneath.

  • Velour side features long fibers that pick up and disperse an undetectable veil of powder without caking or emphasizing skin texture
  • The smooth side’s shorter fibers polish away pores, skin texture, and facial hair as you apply foundation
  • Silicone interior creates a supple, weighted feel for effortless application every time

To apply foundation, pick up a small amount with the smooth side of the puff. Using gentle yet firm pressure, apply to skin in downward strokes for the smoothest possible finish. To apply powder, dip the velour side into powder, shake off any excess, and gently pat onto skin. Work in thin layers for best results. Wash occasionally with gentle soap and water and let air-dry.

Microfiber / Silicone / Velvet