7 Hooded Eye Brush

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This brush will really help you work it! Designed by Wayne with small and hooded eyes in mind, it’ll help you define your eye contours and pack on colour. Made of super-soft synthetic bristles, this Hooded Eye Brush is a dream for blending eyeshadow and works beautifully for concealer too!

  • Made of 100% synthetic fibres.
  • Comfortable in your hand thanks to a glossy white handle
  • Secure construction with the white bristles delicately placed into the gold ferrule
  • Super-soft bristles for gentle application
  • Ideal uses: eyes and concealer
  • Hair type: 100% synthetic hairs
  • Colour: white brush head, gold ferrule, and gloss white handle
  • Simple to keep clean using a good makeup shampoo or soap
  • Also available as part of our complete and eye sets


A collection of fifteen brushes created by makeup artist Wayne Goss