The FIRST EDITION Collection

Experience how easy it can be to achieve flawless face and eye makeup with The First Edition, a collection of eleven brushes created by makeup artist Wayne Goss

The Luxury Lip Collection

explore the collection of lipsticks, pencils & glosses

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The Weightless Veil Blush Palette

Palettes to flatter all skin tones and types, whether you’re 18 or over 60.

Wayne Goss

With 15+ years of experience in the beauty industry, makeup artist Wayne Goss has gained millions of fans who flock to YouTube for his transformational makeup tutorials and candid product reviews. Driven by the belief that everyone should have access to top-quality tools, Wayne set out to create a line of makeup brushes that would meet his rigorous standards: luxuriously soft, durable enough to last a lifetime, and handmade in Japan by the world’s best brushmakers. The result? High-quality, cruelty-free brushes that put flawless makeup within anyone’s reach.