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Experience how easy it can be to achieve flawless eye makeup with The First Edition Eye Set, a collection of six brushes created by makeup artist Wayne Goss. Each brush has been carefully designed with our unique shapes, giving you the power to perfect any technique with any product—from eyeshadow to eyeliner and everything in between.

  • E1 - Large Eye Shadow Brush: Edgeless blending, the E1 is thick, soft and ready to buff out even the hardest edges
  • E2 - Small Eye Crease Brush: The smaller point! As with brush E3, this does it all but with a smaller application which allows you to define and blend all at the same time
  • E3 - Large Eye Crease Brush: The point! Define your crease, change your eyeshade. The tapered point on the E3 does it all; defining and blending all at the same time
  • E4 - Eye Laydown Brush: The ultimate multitasker: fill in the lid, contour the outside, place concealer, apply highlight, contour the nose
  • E5 - Detail Brush: Instant eyeshadow brush. Close your eye. Back and forth into the lashes with E5 Brush. Open your eyes and your will have both upper and lower shadow done instantly
  • E6 - Detail Brush: The eye opener! Black shadow. Push into lash line. Instantly thicker blacker lashes
  • Each brush handcrafted by more than 20 artisans from start to finish in Kumano, a region known for its time-honoured brush making legacy
  • Natural hair bristles are left uncut for unparalleled softness
  • Bristles are carefully bundled into a matte black brass ferrule to prevent them from coming loose. This construction ensures smooth makeup application
  • Our handle is carved from hornbeam (or “shide” in Japanese), a hardwood known for its durability and sturdiness
  • Hair type: natural Saikoho goat hair
  • Ideal uses: eye, blending, eyeshadow, face, concealer, powder, buffing, setting
  • Head shape: soft rounded taper
  • Colour: white brush head, matte black ferrule, gloss black handle

Our First Edition brushes use natural hair, this can result in a slight difference in colour between batches. Where possible, we aim to dispatch brushes from the same batch.

  1. Rinse the tops of your brush under running lukewarm water to remove residual makeup.
  2. Fill a bowl with lukewarm water and a makeup soap or shampoo. Swirl the brush tips in the bowl, taking care not to submerge the ferrule in the water. Gently massage each brush tip for a good lather.
  3. Rinse the brush tips under running water to remove any soap.
  4. Squeeze out excess moisture with clean, dry paper towel. Lay your brush flat to dry - ideally with the tips hanging off the edge of the counter. Do not dry your brush in an upright container, as this will cause the water to run down the brush ferrule.

When washing makeup brushes never place your brush vertically under a tap or submerge the ferrule in water.

The First Edition Collection

A collection of eleven brushes created by makeup artist Wayne Goss