1 Large Bronzer Brush

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Look sculpted and bronzed or seamlessly sun-kissed with this stunning Large Bronzer Brush. Part of the White Gold Collection, this sizeable brush will help you create a flawless finish with minimal effort. Simply sweep your product of choice over your face and neck to get that glow… whatever the weather. 

  • Made of 100% synthetic fibres.
  • Premium gloss white handle, super soft white bristles, and a metallic gold ferrule.
  • Ideal uses: powder bronzer, blusher, powders
  • Technique: sweep over face and neck
  • Hair type: 100% synthetic hairs
  • Colour: white brush head, gold ferrule, and gloss white handle
  • Easy to clean with makeup shampoo or soap but avoid putting the brush vertically under a fast-flowing tap as this can damage the bristle placement.
  • Also available as part of our complete and face sets


A collection of fifteen brushes created by makeup artist Wayne Goss