5 Foundation Brush

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A flawless finish has never been so easy than with the White Gold Collection Foundation Brush. With super soft bristles and a chic design, this brush feels as good as it looks when applying foundation in a buffing motion. Plus, as a true multi-tasker, this synthetic foundation brush helps you perfect your base whether you prefer powder, liquid, or cream foundation.

  • Made of 100% synthetic fibres.
  • Soft white bristles are packed into a gold ferrule on a glossy white handle.
  • Quality-made super-soft bristles
  • Ideal uses: foundation (liquid, cream and powder), bronzer, and cream blusher
  • Technique: buffing motion
  • Hair type: 100% synthetic hairs
  • Colour: white brush head, gold ferrule, and gloss white handle
  • The White Gold Collection brushes are easy to keep clean with makeup soap or shampoo. Don’t place your brushes vertically under a tap though, as this can loosen the bristles in the ferrule.
  • Also available as part of our complete and face sets


A collection of fifteen brushes created by makeup artist Wayne Goss